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As the pioneers in invertebrate health, we are pushing the boundaries to find sustainable solutions that benefit the global community.

A First-Of-Its-Kind Bee Vaccine.

Dalan’s platform technology is delivered orally. The vaccine is ingested by the Queen Bee, and vaccine fragments are passed on to larvae for protection against diseases.

Safeguard Your Bees, Safeguard Our Future

Protecting your hive from American Foulbrood (AFB) means putting a strong defense in place to keep your bees healthy and beekeeping sustainable. AFB is a serious bee disease
that can destroy hives, and by safeguarding against it, you’re helping to maintain the crucial role bees play in nature and agriculture.

Resources for Beekeepers

Specialized Resources for All Beekeepers

Welcome to the Beekeeper’s Learning Center, a dedicated resource hub for beekeepers of all kinds. Whether you’re a commercial beekeeper, sideliner, queen producer, or hobbyist, we have solutions to meet your needs. Select your beekeeping profile to access a curated collection of resources tailored to your goals.


You enjoy beekeeping as a hobby, have less than 50 hives, and you typically purchase queens from a supplier.

Commercial Beekeeping and Sideliners

Resources for commercial beekeepers using honey bees for pollination and small-scale operators seeking additional income through their bees.

Dalan Animal Health

Queen Producer

Click here if you are a producer or retailer of queen bees.

Two Ways to Protect Your Hives

Purchase the vaccine directly from Dalan

Recommended for beekeepers with 50+ hives

Dalan representative will help determine the number of doses needed for your operation.
Vaccinate queens to protect newly hatched honeybee larvae against AFB using the new vaccine available from Dalan Animal Health. Recommended for beekeepers with 50 hives or more.

Purchase vaccinated queens from a certified queen producer

Recommended for beekeepers with less than 50 hives

Find a certified queen producer near you. Each producer offers Dalan’s vaccinated queens, packages, and nucs ensuring your hives are protected. Simply select a location that suits you, and choose a producer based on your specific needs and preferences.

We’re Building The Future.

Our team is a dedicated group of beekeepers, scientists, and animal health professionals who have joined together with a common goal in mind: to bring the world transformative animal health solutions to build a more sustainable future. Meet the team driving this change, each contributing unique skills and passion towards creating a meaningful impact in the animal health space.

Redrawing the Boundaries of Animal Health

We are dedicated to bringing the world transformative animal health solutions to support a more sustainable future.


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