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Queen honeybees play a vital role in the colony primarily by laying eggs, thereby supporting the colony's vitality and expansion. The production and management of queen honeybees are important for various purposes, including the sustenance of honeybee colonies, the advancement of breeding initiatives, and their commercial distribution. This underscores the essential contribution of your role as a queen honeybee producer to the efforts aimed at supporting honeybee populations.

Here are some of the ways you make a difference:

Genetic Diversity

Genetic diversity is crucial for the resilience of honeybee colonies against diseases, parasites, and environmental stressors. By selectively breeding queens with diverse genetic backgrounds, you contribute to the overall health and survival of honeybee populations.

Commercial Availability

By supplying queen bees to beekeepers, you support beekeeping operations big and small. Healthy and productive queen bees contribute to the success of a colony, which in turn play an important role in pollination services, agriculture, and ecosystem health.

Disease Resistance

As producers, you may select and breed honeybees with increased resistance to honeybee diseases such as American Foulbrood (AFB). By producing disease-resistant queens, you can help mitigate the spread of these diseases within honeybee colonies, thereby supporting the long-term health and viability of honeybee populations.

This is where our AFB vaccine can be an indispensable asset to queen honeybee producers.

How Dalan Can Help Safeguard Against American Foulbrood Disease (AFB)

American Foulbrood is a bacterial disease caused by the spore-forming bacterium Paenibacillus larvae. The prevalence of this disease poses a dire threat to honeybees worldwide as the spores of the bacterium have been found in up to 50% of hives in some areas.

By vaccinating the queen bee, resistance to the disease is passed on to her offspring through a biological mechanism called transgenerational immune priming. Honeybee larvae, which are most susceptible to this disease, are therefore “primed” against AFB before they hatch. Our technology not only addresses the immediate threat but also contributes to the long-term sustainability and resilience of honeybee populations, making it an ideal and proactive solution. 

By offering AFB vaccinated queens, you can provide a solution to beekeepers whose colonies are susceptible to the disease. Here are some of the ways you can benefit from Dalan’s AFB vaccine as a queen honeybee producer:

Reduced Economic Losses

AFB can cause significant harm to an operation. The destruction of infected colonies and beekeeping equipment, as well as the potential for the disease to spread, result in substantial economic losses for beekeepers. By providing vaccinated queen bees, you will be a critical source for disease prevention tools, thereby mitigating the financial impact of disease-related losses.

Market Demand and Reputation

With increasing concerns about honeybee health and the long-term sustainability of beekeeping practices, there is a growing demand for responsibly produced queens that can provide added benefits to the beekeeper’s colonies. Queen honeybee producers offering vaccinated queen honeybees can enhance their market reputation and competitiveness.

Sustainability and Safety

Dalan’s vaccine is sustainable, safe, and pure, offering a preventative treatment that may in turn reduce the need for antibiotics to control AFB. The vaccine also undergoes rigorous testing with established research designs to demonstrate science-backed safety and purity.

These reasons and more are why queen honeybee producers are encouraged to consider Dalan’s AFB vaccine. You can learn more about how to vaccinate queen bees with Dalan’s vaccine by watching the video below or by contacting us today. Our experts can help you design a tailored vaccination protocol based on your operation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

American Foulbrood is a bacterial disease caused by the spore-forming bacterium Paenibacillus larvae. The disease-causing bacteria can be present at subclinical levels in hives which can erupt at any time. Infective spores may last in the environment for several decades.


Dalan’s AFB vaccine is an innovative solution that protects honeybees from American Foulbrood. It not only addresses the immediate threat but also contributes to the long-term sustainability and resilience of honeybee populations.

Queen honeybee producers can benefit from Dalan’s AFB vaccine by ensuring the health of their queen honeybee stock, reducing economic losses from disease outbreaks, and promoting sustainable disease management practices.

The vaccine, containing a killed pathogen, is administered orally to the queen honeybee. Attendants caged with the queen are fed queen candy containing the vaccine. Work carried out in Dalan’s laboratories has indicated that the attendants digest the vaccine and produce royal jelly containing vaccine particles. The royal jelly is fed to the queen, and as she ingests it, pieces of the vaccine are transported via her fat body to her ovaries where it is deposited in the eggs. The developing larvae are exposed to the vaccine and start to build up immunity before they hatch.

Yes, the vaccine is suitable for use in organic agriculture. It is non-GMO and does not contain any chemicals or harmful preservatives.

Dalan’s AFB vaccine offers a more humane and sustainable alternative to traditional methods, such as hive destruction. It focuses on maintaining hive health and preventing further losses by providing a safer and more cost-effective solution in the long run.

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